Out of Hand Sanitizer? Ask your compounding pharmacist.

Hello friends,

Are you frantically searching for hand sanitizers but they are nowhere to be found? Well, you technically can find them but it’s going to cost you an arm and leg for just a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Worry no more! The FDA released some good news that allows temporary compounding of certain alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer products by pharmacists in State-licensed pharmacies or Federal facilities and registered outsourcing facilities.

These “State-licensed pharmacies” refers to compounding pharmacies so if you are already using a compounding pharmacy to make your other medications, you can ask the compounding pharmacist if they are able to make a nice batch of Hand Sanitizer. This is not a perfect solution but would be a lot better than trying to make your own Hand Sanitizer (which I know some people have been doing).

Word of warning though, when I called my local compounding pharmacy, they said the cost was $6 for a small 2 ounce bottle!

Stay safe and well-informed, friends!