How to keep yourself safe and ready to beat any virus?

It seems as though my entire blog has been dedicated to the topic of “virus” – but it’s important to discuss pressing issues that are happening around us right now.

No – I’m not a hypochondriac and quick to become stressed over every illnesses, like my lovely wife. But, the coronavirus has been on my mind quite often lately because well, we don’t know everything about this virus and do not have an immunity/vaccine available. So, how have I (a sensible pharmacist ;)) been preparing to weather this virus? Keep on reading below…

  1. Water
  2. Toilet paper
  3. Frozen food
  4. Canned food
  5. Lots of vitamin C!
  6. Fill up medicine cabinet (particularly acetaminophen to cure those fever)
  7. Rubber bands….*curious why?* I’ll talk more about it in my upcoming post.

Ok, I must admit all the items listed above are every day necessities…so regardless of the outbreak or not, you should stock up! But, I’m concerned about a few things so I’m getting them now while supplies last!

  1. Prices will start going up
  2. People are rushing to get these items so there’s a chance they will be out of stock
  3. Most important – It’s always a good idea to have the medicine cabinet stocked up in your home, especially those with prescribed medication. Last week the Food and Drug Administration announced that there is a shortage in the United States of one prescription drug due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Here’s a link to the FDA’s shortage list if you’re curious. Many of the raw ingredients for pharmaceutical drugs (both prescription and OTC) are made in China (*holding face while screaming*) YES in CHINA, where many factories shut down due to COVID-19 outbreak. So please please encourage your family and friends to stock up on their prescription medications when possible.

What are your absolute must-haves to prepare for the Coronavirus?