Freedom versus Coronavirus?

 Please do not mind me while I catastrophize for a brief second:

Chinese government: Everyone need to wear masks and stay home to
prevent the coronavirus.
Chinese population: Has no choice but to do whatever the government
says which might lead to stopping the spread of the virus.

American government: Everyone needs to stay home from work to prevent
the coronavirus.
American population: No way! You can’t infringed on my freedom! I’ll
do what’s best for me.

Of course, I love the freedom that being an American provides but I am
curious if a communistic/dictatorship type of government would be more
efficient when it comes to containing the spread of a virus. Even if
it was, I don’t think I would ever trade my freedom away just because
of the coronavirus. I do want to present a compromise though which
arose in my mind after I watch John Oliver’s thoughts on the
coronavirus. He mentioned how one of the ways Vietnam was containing
the virus was with a remix of a popular song (links below).

 Besides being entertaining, this video became very popular which help
brought a good sense of community and purpose to the Vietnamese
people. It helps move from the “people versus government versus
coronavirus” mentality to “us versus coronavirus.” If only we could
get Justin Bieber to remix one of his song 🙂

Question: What are your thoughts on this Covid-19 outbreak madness? Would love to hear them!